Intravenous (IV) therapy is used by a growing number of people, and the results can be truly incredible. However, different ingredients have the ability to vary the results, which is why individuals must take responsibility of knowing what to expect from specific vitamins. Glutathione is present in various solutions and can provide a suite of benefits for the user.

Here are all the facts you need to know about Glutathione benefits within IV therapies.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a water-soluble antioxidant found in plants, animals, and fungi. Its formula is C10H17N3O6S. Its molar mass is 307.3235 g/mol, and protects cellular components from the damage caused by reactive oxygen species.

Often abbreviated to GHS, the human body naturally produces the antioxidant within the liver. It is used in many medical treatments including those for heart disease, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, liver disease and more. It regenerates vitamins C and E while breaking down some free radicals and aiding enzyme functions.

It is also very commonplace in IV therapies thanks to the many Glutathione benefits that users can experience.

Glutathione Benefits

Supplementing the body’s natural Glutathione supplies through IV therapies can bring many benefits to the body. Here are five of the top benefits.

Improving insulin sensitivity

Anybody suffering from Type 2 diabetes knows that insulin production is vital for transporting glucose from the blood to be used as energy. Unfortunately, when the body becomes resistant to this, the health repercussions are telling. Glutathione supports healthier regulation.

Reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s

Maintaining high glutathione levels is suggested to have a significant impact on the symptoms of Parkinson’s, making them less frequent and less noticeable when they do surface. Injected Glutathione is believed to have a greater impact than oral administration.

Boost male fertility

Whether it’s you or your partner that is struggling with fertility, the fact that Glutathione helps the formulation of sperm cells can make a huge difference when it comes to getting pregnant. While it certainly doesn’t guarantee pregnancy, any positive step should be gratefully received.

Preventing liver cell damage

Damage from alcohol abuse, hepatitis, or liver disease can be mitigated due to the antioxidant properties of Glutathione that  have a positive influence on the body’s ability to repair and regenerate cells. It is most suitable as a treatment to fatty liver disease. This is one of the most noticeable Glutathione benefits.

Treating autism

Research into autism shows that lower levels Glutathione are a common feature among children that fall onto the spectrum. The IV therapies can help reduce the symptoms of autism, generating significant results for those suffering from it.

Which IV therapies use Glutathione?

Several IV drips include Glutathione. The most popular options include:

The Super Drip – which also contains B12, B Complex, Biotin, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Taurine.

The Immunity Drip – which also contains B12, B Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc.

The Flawless Drip – which also contains B Complex, Vitamin C, and Biotin.

Glutathione levels are important for regulating various bodily functions and the use of various vitamins. When struggling with lower levels of the antioxidant, IV therapies can be the ideal solution. To learn more and book a treatment, get in touch today.

IV therapy was once reserved for the likes of professional athletes, musicians, and artists who could afford to use this kind of therapy to help them meet their intense schedules. These days, though, thanks to new in-home IV therapies, everyone is able to take advantage of a vitamin boost whenever they need a little extra energy or pick-me-up.

How to Boost Your Immune System with In-Home IV Therapy?

As part of our IV therapy, you can choose from one of our many different types of drips. For instance, our immunity drip is a common answer for people looking for a solution to how to boost your immune system. The complex blend of vitamins helps to keep the body in peak condition and fight against infections, like the flu. We have a wide selection of other useful drips that you can use to beat various conditions, such as hangovers and jetlag.

As our IV therapy is in-home, we will be able to send one of our qualified nurses out to you to administer the drip in your own home. The convenience of our remote nurses makes our service accessible to all, anytime, anywhere

Benefits of In-Home IV Therapy

There are many benefits of using our in-home IV therapy, but especially when wondering how to boost your immune system. Take a look at some of the additional benefits that come along.

  • You Can Enjoy The Treatment In The Comfort Of Your Own Home – Lots of our clients prefer to stay at home for their IV therapy whenever possible. They can then be comfortable in familiar surroundings while receiving the drip.
  • There Is No Extra Cost – Some clinics will charge their clients extra for home visits. This isn’t the case when you take advantage of our in-home IV therapy, though, as we don’t charge an extra fee for the home visits.
  • You Can Book Us For Special Events – Whether you are hosting a party, corporate event, or holistic retreat, you will be able to book our nurses to come so that you can treat all of your guests to one of our IV therapies. We often get booked by people hosting parties so that their guests can get a vitamin boost if they ever feel their energy levels start to dip. No matter what kind of event you are planning, we will be able to come and administer whichever therapies you think your guests will benefit from the most.
  • Our Nurses Can Be With You In Hardly Any Time – We are usually able to send a nurse out to you within one hour of you getting in touch with us. Of course, we do always recommend that you book in advance so that we can accommodate, but short-notice appointments are usually also possible too, whether at your home or the office.

If you are interested in finding out more about our in-home IV therapies and how to boost your immune system, get in touch via email or phone to find out more. We’ve helped many people improve their health through a simple IV treatment, you could be next.

IV therapy is a safe, effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs directly into your bloodstream. A painless procedure, a simple prick is all that hurts throughout the entire process. IVs have been a staple of medical practice because in extreme cases, it drastically increases the chance of survival. However, even in non-extreme circumstances, IVs provide us with the single best means of administering the necessary nutrients throughout the body.

The benefits of IVs are numerous. For example, some vitamins like vitamin C make one nauseous when taken in large amounts. However, with IVs, this can be circumvented, and vitamin C can be administered in more substantial, healthier amounts directly into one’s veins.

However, before we get into the many benefits of IV therapy, let’s first discuss the limitations of oral-based alternatives.

The Problems With Oral Treatments

Oral administration for vitamins and minerals is most common but also not very useful. When medication or vitamins are taken orally, their potency is significantly reduced. Vitamins, for example, might not be fully absorbed, if at all. Stomach upsets are common if the vitamin is taken in large amounts, even though your body might need them.
IVs essentially circumvent the entire gastrointestinal system. This means that all of these side-effects are no more. Often, multivitamins are marketed as being a comprehensive nutrient boost. However, it’s seldom discussed how many of these vitamins actually reach your bloodstream. Most of it is lost in the digestive system, and the low absorption rate virtually guarantees you will only soak in a small portion of the vitamin in the capsule. The end result is an ineffective treatment model which does not provide all the nutrients advertised. The same applies to medication: it should be said that whenever a doctor wishes to provide treatment quickly, the IV method is standard. Oral medication has always had its limitations.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

Now that you know about the limitations of oral-based treatments let’s discussed the benefits of IV therapy (because there are numerous).

1. Vitamin absorption is guaranteed. The net benefits are felt once the IV is administered.

2. Gives you an instant energy boost. Because IVs are direct, you will feel your immune system strengthened almost immediately. This applies to any ailment you are experiencing, which is why sometimes chronic fatigue, depression, respiratory illness, or the common cold is treated through IVs.

3. It’s a quick process.IV treatments not only provide benefits immediately, but it’s done incredibly quickly as well. The entire process takes under an hour, with the actual IV treatment taking some 30 to 45 minutes. Simply relax and be recharged; it’s over before you know it.

4. Rehydrate. More importantly of all, IVs provide you with instant rehydration. It can thus, help to prevent kidney stones, constipation, and muscle spasms. This is why it is especially popular among athletes who often suffer from exhaustion and may be lacking in certain nutrients as a result.

5. Customizable treatment options. Today, there are multiple IV therapies which are catered to your specific nutritional needs. Often, these options may be necessary if you are suffering from constant fatigue, depression, muscle spasms, or allergies. IV therapies and the vitamins present can be calculated based on your nutritional difficulties, helping to construct the perfect vitamin cocktail to replenish you.

6. No toxins are present. There’s no denying that the food we eat and our living environments can contain significant amounts of toxins. Genetically-modified foods are commonplace of, and one cannot protect oneself from all the viruses present in our environments. By replenishing your body with IVs, you are getting nutrients from a trusted source. Moreover, the antioxidants present in IVs will help you to flush out these toxins more effectively.

7. Higher absorption rates than oral treatments. Some vitamins can easily make one ill if taken in small amounts. However, because IVs circumvent the entire gastrointestinal system, larger doses can be administered easily.

8. Useful for any illness or deficiency. Above all else, what makes IVs so beneficial is how applicable they are to virtually any medical condition. This because your body always needs nutrients to be at its best. Whether you suffer from autoimmune diseases or persistent migraines, everybody benefits from nourishment from IVs. Additionally, due to patient-centered methods, IVs can be tailored to balance your nutrients based on your current body’s deficiencies.

Currently, there has been a wide variety of IVs available which are being used to treat different deficiencies and ailments. For example, what’s commonly called the Myers Cocktail(or the Calm IV) is frequently administered to treat anxiety and to relax patients. Filled with high doses of Vitamin V and magnesium, the end result is a balanced body.

Other IVs promise robust immunity systems, detoxing, boosted energy, a general cleanse, and essential hydration and electrolytes. In short, IVs are versatile. They’re much more than just saline solution in a bag, and today can be customized to particular patient needs and their deficiencies.

If you’re interested, consider booking an IV treatment with us! We have so many different IV cocktails to help rebalance your body.

The Bottom Line

IV treatments have become more than just a means of helping patients with life-threatening conditions survive: it is today considered a safe, ultra-effective means of rebalancing the body. The end result is a simple process which is proven to be the most effective means of distributing medication, vitamins, and nutrients.

If you’ve been treated at a hospital before, chances are you’ve already experienced IV treatment maybe without even knowing. However, most of us aren’t aware of how specialized IV treatments can be. Therefore, it’s worth discussing with your medical practitioner about whether or not IV treatments can help you. It helps first to have a check-up to determine what your deficiencies are and work from there.

Through IV treatments, balance can be restored in the body directly. It’s a painless means of boosting the body’s immune system, thus restoring it to its best health.

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a method of delivering medication, nutrients, or other liquid substances directly into one’s bloodstream. Commonly called ‘drips,’ IVs are generally administered through a catheter into the bloodstream. Given how fast blood circulates, IVs are considered the quickest way to deliver medication throughout the body.The formula used in IVs depends on the needs of the patient. It can be a combination of vitamins, electrolytes, saline solution, or a variety of medications. The intended purpose is to keep the body nourished, frequently much more effectively than eating or drinking.

The Process

During an IV procedure, a nurse begins by first sanitizing the area where the needle will be in the vein. A thin needle inside a catheter is then used to pierce the skin and insert the catheter into the vein. The catheter is taped to hold it in place. The process itself is generally painless, other than a slight pinch during insertion. The IV line is attached to a bag containing a saline solution that’s hung high above the patient’s head. IVs work with the help of gravity, which pushes the fluid down into the blood. Almost all of our own IV treatment options generally take 45 minutes. Just take a look at our booking options for more details.

What’s Inside an IV

You can’t understand how an IV works without also understanding what’s in one. Although it varies, all IVs have two essential ingredients.
  1.  Saline solution is fundamental to proper IV therapy. This liquid is a combination of sodium chloride and water, which is used as the medium of delivery for vitamins and medication. It also hydrates the body and provides it with electrolytes.
  2.  Most IVs also contain vitamins and antioxidants. Usually obtained through food or drink, IVs often contain them to ensure that the body is fully-functional and is receiving all its necessary nutrients.
Of course, the IV solution depends on the patient’s needs. Although all IVs contain a saline solution and essential vitamins, medication can also be added to the mix for a speedy recovery.

Reasons for an IV

IVs are generally painless and are administered quite routinely. They also increase one’s chance of survival significantly in cases of massive bleeding or life-threatening infections.There are multiple reasons one would need an IV. Because oral medications require them passing through the digestive systems, IVs are a workaround which can be life-saving. In short, the procedure allows for necessary nutrients to circulate through the bloodstream directly. It’s a simple procedure which is credit with saving countless lives. However, even if you’re not experiencing life-threatening symptoms, IVs can give you that energy boost you’ve been looking for. IVs have become a popular means of also restoring the body’s nutritional balance. For example, IVs have been administered to treat hangovers, dehydration from illness, or even jet lag. This is because medical experts can quickly pinpoint what your body is lacking and rebalance it through IV therapy.